History: Mr Asghar Pilehvarian , after about 20 years of working in the field of machine-made carpet thread, founded the Leyli Carpet Company in 2010. Leyli Carpet corporation has been producing varietr types of high density and well-designed machine-made carpets. In order to provision of market request and focus on our customer's taste, we utilize the most advanced machinery and with the assist of our experienced especialists as well in Kashan, the carpet capital of Iran. Three criteria of our brand are exploitation of the most up-to-date world technology , high-quality raw materials and skilled manpower as well.These criteria are our ideas to make progress and achieve an outstanding position in the machine woven carpet industries with rely on producing high quality products. Continuous training , researching for development and continuing evaluation of our customer feedbacks have been guaranteed our achievement to meet the needs of the market.



values: Our working philosophy in Leyli carpet corporation is a respect to consumers' needs and makes communication with them and also gives suitable services in production and selling with suitable accountability.  Leyli carpet corporation explains a respect to consumers and high values with honesty, continuous effort to make consumer consent and build creativity in production and high quality products with suitable cost.  It uses an action and word adjustment and makes sustainable and friendly relationship and also healthy business experience as main elements and its value is a respect to consumers.  

Mission & Goals: We believe that consumers are main and valuable capital in every organization.  Then we try to give the best services to consumers by following standard products in all processes including production, package, selling and delivering because we are sure that Iranian family deservers the best. Carpet is main element in each Iranian family and it should show originality, beauty in design and the best quality. We try to bring happiness for our consumers by meeting these needs. This is an offering from Leyli carpet corporation   for you who wants to have sweet experience by linking art and technology. 

Vision:  Leyli carpet corporation will try to place among superior brands to produce machine carpet by 2023 through focusing on improving and developing abilities of human forces and using advanced machinery and new methods and management policies.